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A visit to Liechenstein on the occasion of their national day

Every year on 15 August, the Principality of Liechtenstein celebrates its National Day, the so-called Staatsfeiertag or Feast of the Fürst (Prince). Last year, this spectacular event was also attended by the members of the Knightly Order of St. George from Slovenia and by the members of the Slovenia-Liechtenstein Friendship Association.

The festivity on the meadow, which is located on the slope above the capital city of Vaduz, was attended by members of the Princely Family ruled by Prince Hans-Adam II and his successor Alois, who has already taken over most of the state duties from his father. Other high-profile representatives of the State were, of course, also attending the event, such as: the President of the Regional Parliament Mr Albert Frick, who also addressed the assembled audience, the Prime Minister Adrian Hasler, and the non-resident ambassadors who are invited to attend the celebration every year. Among the ambassadors was also the Slovene ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, His Excellency Mr Franc Mikša, and his wife. Ambassador Mikša is also a supporter of the Slovenia-Liechtenstein Friendship Association.


The Slovene delegation had an opportunity to meet the highest representatives of the Princely Family and the Government of the Principality of Liechtenstein. Members of the Knightly Order of St George from Slovenia also attended the festive mass in the capital city of Vaduz.


In the framework of the association, a business club or institute has also been established. Its purpose is to upgrade existing cooperation by setting up a business platform that will enable business people and companies on both sides to establish useful contacts. The Business Institute was solemnly declared and inaugurated at the end of August 2017 in Rogaška Slatina, in the presence of Prince Nikolaus von und zu Liechtenstein and his wife Margaretha.



Video clip: Mr Zdravko Perger provided the magnificent music overture.

Event photo gallery can be found on the Facebook link.