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A visit to Liechtenstein on their national holiday August 15, 2018

Liechtenstein celebrates its national holiday on 15th of August. As every year, underneath the mighty castle of Vaduz, also our respected members of the Association of Slovene – Liechtenstein friendship attended the celebration. There were Aljoša Iskra, director of the company Tim Valores and our German members Anna Bereuter and Ralf Wendland.

The gathered crowd under the castle was addressed by Crown Prince Alois and President of the Liechtenstein Parliament – the Landtag – Albert Frick. Every year also ambassadors are invited to attend the celebration, including our distinguished ambassador in Switzerland, her exellence mag. Marta Kos Marko who was present there.

Source: www.vaterland.li


Source: www.vaterland.li


Photo: personal archive

When the official part of celebration was over the crowd of selected guests slowly moved to the Rosary Garden at Vaduz Castle where they could exchange a few words with Prince Hans-Adam II, Crown Prince Alois, his wife Sophie, and the leadership of the Government of the Principality of Liechtenstein. Kind regards to the prince regent Alois were said in the name of our association by gentleman Aljoša Iskra. Prince promised that he would give wonderful greetings also to his uncle Prince Nikolaus and his wife Princess Margaretha, who we hosted last year in Celje and Rogaška Slatina.

(The members of the Association were sovereign in representing our colors.)


(Greetings between our member Aljoš Iskra and Crown Prince Alois.)


Unfortunately, because of the high level of fire threat, traditional spectacular fireworks was banned and instead there was a 15-minute laser program projected on the castle of the city of Vaduz which certainly did not disappoint the crowd who celebrated and rejoiced at the national holiday until morning hours.

Source: www.vaterland.li


More information about this year’s “Prince Day” in Liechtenstein is available on the official site of the event: Staatsfeiertag

You can also look at our last year’s national celebration at: https://www.slo-fl.eu/obisk-lihtenstajna-ob-niovem-drzavnem-prazniku/

In the autumn we will be on an official visit to the Principality of Liechtenstein again:

Representatives and the leadership of our association and business institute will be at the beginning of the autumn from the 24th to the 26th of September 2018 in the Principality of Liechtenstein again. At the Liechtenstein Institute (St. Luziweg 2, 9487-Bendern, Liechtenstein), we will meet with a number of important businessmen and public workers. On the first day, a reception is also scheduled for the head of the Liechtenstein Government and later on we will have a reception with S.D. Regent Alois on the Castle Vaduz. We are planning a series of bilateral contacts with the Slovenian community, university, cultural institutions and there will be some free time to visit some important companies in FL and local sights. In the foreground we will present the current activities of our project Slovenian Day in the Principality of Liechtenstein 2019, which will be organized with the support of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism, the Ministry of Economy and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia, cultural institutions and the Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Slovenes around the world. We want to carry out that occasion as a present to  300th Anniversary of the Modern Principality, which will be in 2019.