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From 23rd to 27th of September 2018 was Slovenian delegation led by the representatives of the Slovenian-Liechtenstein Friendship Association on a three-day bilateral and working visit to the Principality of Liechtenstein. We met a number of key actors in the Principality, which will be extremely important for our further goals.

In the main Slovenian team which arrived in Liechtenstein on Sunday 23 September 2018 there were eleven participants. We settled in the Liechtenstein Ski Center Malbun at Hotel Galina and Haus Alparosa Wohnung Degen. We are honored to had the Secretary, Mr. Matej Skočir, Head of the Sector for Internationalization at the Ministry of Economy, Development and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia with us. In our team were Adrijana Kolar, Sašo Jelnikar, Reto Walter Brunhart, Zdravko Perger, Kristjan Brozovič, Irena Linasi Rogač and Aljoša Iskra. The delegation was led by the President of the association Silvester Likar. In Wednesday evening also our German members of the association, Anna Bereuter and Ralf Wendland, joined us when we had a final meeting with the Slovenes living in Liechtenstein.

MONDAY, 24.9.2018

The first official day was Monday, 24th of September 2018, when our prince’s agent and advisor to the president of the association, Mr. Reto W. Brunhart, at 10.00 in the morning, presented the historical outline and development of the Principality of Liechtenstein.

At 11.30 the group led by Mr. Brunhart visited the Edelbrand wine and brandy firm in Schellenberg, where the possibility of tasting their wines, spirits and home-made beers was available. More at http://www.wybau.li/edelshybrand/verein/

At 13.00 there was a lunch at the Loewen restaurant in Schellenberg where the group had the opportunity to taste the home-brewed beer and the traditional Liechtenstein cuisine Kaesknoepfle with apple-grated and fried onions. More at http://loewen.li/

At 14.15 a meeting was held in Schaan with the leadership of LIHGA where Mr. Leone Ming and Mr. Georges Luechinger presented their vision and goals. The discussion was also focused on the possibility of presenting Slovenia on LIGHA 2020 which will be in Vaduz in 2020. On the one hand, this is an excellent source for all Slovenian companies to be presented on Liechtenteins market. At the forefront of the exhibition stand is the pavilion, where every two years foreign countries are presented which is a welcome novelty in LIHGA, since Slovenia could be the first country to present itself at this kind of event. More at https://www.lihga.li/

From 15.00 to 19.00 a tour of 11 provinces (municipalities) was taking part, which formed the Principality of Liechtenstein. We have received a demonstration of the exceptional economic and agricultural development of the Principality.

At 19.00 dinner at Alpen Hotel Voegeli, Malbun. More at https://www.alpenhotel.li/

TUESDAY, September 25, 2018

The day was dedicated to the presentation of the work on the Liechtenstein institut and the possibilities of mutual business and partnership cooperation. On a full-day meeting the participants were able to get a real picture of how the Liechtenstein institutions operate in harmony and in extreme cooperation. Throughout the seminar day Mrs. Alenka Jerak, the deputy of the Ambassador, was with us.

After the presentations of institutions it was time for questions about the functioning and concrete possibilities for business integration, as well as cooperation between Liechtenstein and Slovenia. At the same time our Association of SLO – FL Friendship presented itself expressing the desire for already concrete cooperation, which next year will be in the form of the implementation of the Slovenian Day in Liechtenstein as a gift for the 300th anniversary of the Principality of Liechtenstein. The presentation was carried out at the Liechtenstein Institute, Bendern. More at https://www.liechtenstein-institut.li/

After a comprehensive presentation we were invited to the concert by the invitation of dr. Ernesto Walcha, Chairman of the LSO Foundation Board. The concert took place in the crowded hall in Schaan. Under the baton of Mr. William Maxfield and soloist Fabiola Tedesco we were delighted to hear one-hour famous melodies of Mozart and Beethoven. An excellent symphony orchestra celebrated the 30th anniversary this year for which we heartily congratulate.

Activities this day were carried out according to the following timetable:

At 10.00 a presentation of the Liechtenstein Chamber of Commerce (Wirtschaftskammer). Speech: Mr. Juergen NIGG, Executive Manager of the Chamber. More at: www.wirtschaftskammer.li

At 11.00 a presentation of the Liechtenstein industry. Speech: Mr. Josef BECK, Executive Manager of the Chamber. More at: www.lihk.li

At 12.15 lunch at the Löwen Restaurant Bendern which maintains the 500-year tradition of regional hospitality. More at: http://www.gasthauszumloewen.li/

At 14.00 a presentation of the Liechtenstein culture took place which was presented at the Government Office of the Principality of Culture with the participation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Justice and Culture. More at: www.aku.llv.li

At 15.00 a presentation of Liechtenstein marketing. Speech: Ms. Marlen Engler. More at: www.liechtenstein-marketing.li

At 16.00 a presentation of the Liechtenstein Symphony Orchestra. Speech: Mr. Dražen Domjanić. More at: www.sinfonieorchester.li

At 17.00 a presentation of the Liechtenstein Institute. Speech: Dr. Christoph FROMMELT, Executive Director. More at: www.Liechtenstein-institute.li

At 20.00 a friendly concert at SAL Schaan. More at: https://www.sal.li/

WEDNESDAY, September 26, 2018

On the last day of the visit to Liechtenstein the ambassador her exellence Mrs. Marta Kos Marko joined us. We started our day with a visit in Hilti AG which is headquartered in Schaan and it is very famous company not only in Liechtenstein but also around the world.

Participants of the visit to the Hilti Group (from left to right): Aljoša Iskra, Reto Walter Brunhart, Silvester Likar, Kristjan Brozovič, Klaus Risch, Zdravko Perger, her. exc. Marta Kos Marko, Sašo Jelnikar, Matej Skočir, Irena Linasi Rogač, Adrijana Kolar.

Annually they acquire 1 million customers and investments exceed 10 million Swiss francs. Worldwide 25,000 people are employed with 125 different nationalities, while 19% of department heads are women, although they are trying to raise this percentage. The company is famous as one of the best places to work. The company has a resting room, meeting rooms and even a fitness room. For the children of its employees Hilti AG has arranged a personal kindergarten, so that employees can focus their efforts on the company and achieving the best business results. The company is also famous for its humanitarian nature since it gives a significant share every year to people around the world, who have disabled opportunities for school and music education. After an enviable presentation we went to see a company that in Schaan manufactures only certain accessories for direct fixing of facades and assembly systems. Throughout the world companies are 100% owned by Hilti AG and produces all the necessary products. Hilti is today in the very top world in its field.

After lunch we went to the center of Vaduz where we visited a regional museum, a treasury and the art museum. The peak of the visit to Liechtenstein was experienced on the same day at 17.00, where the Crown Prince Alois invited us to his rooms in Vaduz Castle. An extraordinary speech by Ambassador Mrs. Marta Kos Marko and the President of the Association Mr. Silvester Likar certainly did not remain unnoticed to the heir to the throne, who himself also wants our countries to work more closely in the future.

Her excellence Marta Kos Marko represented our delegation on behalf of Slovenia. The Prince welcomed the Slovenian delegation very kindly and at the beginning, in his address, emphasized the positive efforts of the Slovene-Liechtenstein Association. We must not forget our common cultural and historical heritage. In her welcome address, the Ambassador mentioned traditional good political and business relations which can be further improved. This can be greatly contributed by the modern business knowledge and skills that both nations strive for.

President of the Association Mr. Likar introduced the vision, past achievements and ongoing activities of our association to the prince regent. The consolidation of mutual friendship, bilateral, business and cultural exchanges today is just about making the region even more recognizable, successful and active in the results that will be in mutual satisfaction and benefit. First concrete projects in the region are planned in 2019 and 2020 that led us to a toast together.

Aljoša Iskra, co-founder of Tim Valores and leader of the Swiss and Liechtenstein branches, presented the current efforts and experiences of our entrepreneurs in the region and business with the Principality. He expressed the wish that many young people could be involved in a rich set of business experiences that they can obtain in Liechtenstein.

Slovenian delegation is aware of the great honor and confidence we have received in Liechtenstein during the visit to Prince Alois. That is why we are even more pleased with the tasks we have set in carrying out our mission and the responsible project work that is ahead of us.
More at: www.fuerstenhaus.li

After visiting the Crown Prince we went to Schaan, where at 18.00 we met with Slovenians living in Liechtenstein, the president of the society is Marija Sigg. On that occasion we cheered with Slovenian-made wine, Potica and enjoyed the singing of baritonist Mr. Zdravko Perger. Also here we agreed on a common aid, especially in the preparation of the Slovenian Day in Liechtenstein, which will see the light of the world next year. More at: https://www.restaurant-roessle.li/

Activities of this day were carried out according to the following timetable:

At 9.00 reception at Hilti, speaker: Mr. Klaus Risch, President of the Liechtenstein Chamber of Commerce and Industry. More at: www.hilti.com

At 12.15 lunch at the Burg Brasserie Restaurant in Vaduz. More at: www.adler.li

At 14.00 visit to the Liechtenstein State Museum. More at: www.landesmuseum.li

At 15.15 a visit to the Liechtenstein Art Museum and the Hilti Art Foundation. More at: www.kunstmuseum.li

At 17.00 reception at Vaduz castle with Princ Alois.

At 18.00 we attended a relaxed evening in the company of Slovenians living in Liechtenstein. Place of socializing: Rössle Gasthaus, Landstrasse 48, 9494 Schaan

A bilateral visit to the Principality of Liechtenstein has left pleasant memories for all participants. We kindly thank all participants, dear guests and hosts – and all others who have contributed to its successful implementation in any way!

You can see more photos from the event on our fb site.

Group of participants from left to right: Kristjan Brozovič, Adrijana Kolar, Zdravko Perger, Alenka Jerak, Matej Skočir, Dr. Christian Frommelt, Sašo Jelnikar, Silvester Likar, Reto Walter Brunhart, Aljoša Iskra.

We have obtained excellent sources and information that have great importance for our mission.

The tree of friendship planted by Prince Nikolaus in Rogaška Slatina in August 2017, has already yielded its first fruits. Today, all people and entrepreneurs of goodwill, are invited to represent Slovenia in the Principality of Liechtenstein with us in 2019 and 2020. At the same time we will strengthen and consolidate the necessary business and friendly relations that will benefit your business activities.

You are kindly invited to join us on the Slovenian Day in the Principality of Liechtenstein 2019!