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Member in the Slovenia-Liechtenstein Friendship Association

We invite you to join the Association of Slovenian Liechtenstein Friendship which is a solid bridge of business, cultural cooperation and friendship in the Alpine region.

Together we will be involved in the cultural, academic, tourist and business exchanges between our country and the countries of the Common Alpine Circle including Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

On a friendly basis, we want to bring the two countries together and nurture the mutual culture and the historical heritage that we belong to. We want our mutual cooperation to be based on positive business practices that can be of great benefit to our members, people and their homeland.

The Principality of Liechtenstein is one of the successful countries that, in terms of its business, social and cultural development, is a bright example to our people in achieving the success of the individual and society, as well as the countless challenges that our society can have at the time.

That is why, within our Association, we have created a special, internationally Foundation of the Slovenian-Liechtenstein Association, which has the mission of studying, presenting and implementing the best business practices from this environment to the mutual benefit and satisfaction of its members.

The Association of Slovenian-Liechtenstein friendship is establishing a fundation to provide the lasting overall useful purpose in the field of culture, economy and bilateral. Finding optimal investment and investment portals is at the forefront of the development mission of a Foundation to realize the projects that our association has in the region.

The Foundation represents members, organizations and interested public the desired forms of business activity, a series of different business and investment challenges that represent development opportunities for us and everyone in the countries of the common Alpine circle.

Obligation to pay the membership fee for 2022, according to your wishes:

1. Membership fee for individuals:

  • in the SLO-FL Association (regular): EUR 100.00; reduced: EUR 50.00 (persons with status, support membership fee; in the SLO-FL Association);
  • in the SLO-FL Foundation: EUR 200.00; support (reduced) membership fee: 100.00 EUR

2. Membership fee for business partners: 300,00 EUR

3. Membership fees for business partners, project membership fee: min. 500,00 EUR

The amount of EUR 500 per year is also the basic amount for the seat of a business partner (individual member: EUR 300 per year) in the Expert and Project Council of the SLO – FL Foundation.


You will transfer the selected membership fee to our business account of the association:

Membership payment account for contributions and donations:

IBAN: SI56 6100 0002 5290 963
BIC/SWIFT: HDELSI22, which was opened in Ljubljana at Delavska hranilnica

We look forward to each of your contributions to the goals of our association! The transfer form is: HERE!

How do I join?
You can submit your application – registration among the members of the “Association SLO-FL” via the e-register, which is on the right side of this link, and we will be happy to contact you as soon as possible.

Consent to the processing of personal data for the purposes of the Society
By signing an accession statement, you allow us to process your personal information for the purpose of informing about the work of the Society (invitations, campaigns, e-news, information and project material, etc.).