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Sale of tourist, promotional and patriotic products

For you, we are present at our tourist stand in the capital.

Every day of the year during the season, from March until the end of October, we are present at the Ljubljana Central Market with our tourist stand: every day of the week, from 8 am to 5 pm, we are at the location Vodnikov trg ( near Vodnik’s monument, from Monday to Saturday) and on Sundays and bank holidays from 8 am to 6 pm on Pogačarjev trg (before the theological seminary).

Throughout the year, we are happy to have our stand on holiday events and celebrations. (Happy December: in Ljubljana and Celje). We are also present at occasional fair events (on the coast, Dolenjska, Gorenjska and Štajerska). Every year we are present in Izola and Koper, at Gregor fair in Logatec, at Jožef fair in Petrovče (after that day, on March 19th, as usual we are present at the stand in Ljubljana). Occasionally we have stand also in Kranjska Gora, Komenda, Bled, Tržič and Ribnica. We follow these events according to the market offer and adjust to your invitations and wishes.

What can you get on our tourist and patriotic stand?

  • Flags (all types), patches, caps, scarves, t-shirts, sweaters, souvenirs and gifts, magnets, liqueurs and spirits, pendants, badges, bags, tourist tablecloths and towels, handcraft products etc.

You are kindly invited to visit us on our tourist or festive stand throughout the year!

Accepting ordered products online

You can get your e-orders (online shop) or pick up orders of patriotic and knight products (such as shirts, flags, banners, etc.) at your home by post:

  • collect on delivery;
  • by regular or registered post (after placing the ordered products you have to deposit the payment on our business account, on the basis of the issued invoice);
  • also you can always buy products at our stand in the center of Ljubljana.