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With kindness and solidarity against the consequences of “COVID-19”

It will never be the way it was again.

The coronavirus epidemic has thrown the world off course. Now it is no longer far in China, where the bad things started, it is home to us now. The Invisible Enemy has been expanding almost all over the world at lightning speed.

Coronavirus is spreading rapidly in Slovenia as well, and it should be suppressed as soon as possible. The sooner we succeed, the better for us all. It will take some time to grit your teeth, your freedom of movement is restricted, otherwise unfortunately it does not. Now is not the time for ideological divisions, on the left and on the right, we are only healthy and sick – we are first Slovenians and citizens of Europe and also of the world, which is our common home.

It is a fact that the harsh and harsh economic consequences of the coronavirus epidemic are already being felt by workers, young people and pensioners, precarious workers, societies and institutions, self-employed in a range of social activities from culture to employees in tourism and services, as their monthly earnings have fallen significantly, some already, completely, many are and will lose their jobs.

Governments across Europe and the world have responded differently to addressing this social, economic and social crisis. The Slovenian government, too, was among the first to respond, with smart action helping people and acting to prevent a recession. Let’s follow and follow the recommendations of the government and its decrees!

At the Slovenian – Liechtenstein Friendship Association, we are receiving more and more different calls and initiatives, inviting us to become even more involved in this situation! We do our best to help overcome the difficult situation in which individuals and families find themselves, as well as various organizations in our homeland, especially the small people of our society, who are completely pushed to the wall because of the situation.

That is why we invite all people of good will to listen to our charitable and socially engaged sense dictated by our hearts and to help where we can and do our best.

We cordially invite you to make a donation!

Invitation to donate

All of us are subject to Jesus’ command: “You are the light of the world, you are the light of the earth.”

May your light shine through good works, including within our association and foundation. Where are the light, yeast, and salt of the earth. Everywhere in every area of our lives!

The first step to a good job:

CONTRIBUTE, to the best of your ability, to the “Charity Fund” and help put a smile on someone’s face who needs your help!

Due to different human hardships, SLOVENIAN-LIECHTENSTEIN FRIENDSHIP ASSOCIATION has started to create a special ”Charity Fund”, through which we will respond to the most urgent needs of a call to kindness!

You can help by remittance of your choice at:

IBAN: SI56 6100 0000 4294 149



Ajdovščina 4, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Purpose: For the ”Charity Fund”

Every euro donated will be a ray of hope and a tiny drop of life!

Thanks for your generosity.

Contact and information: office@foundation-slofl.com